Super Bowl XXV (Bills vs. Giants): An Ultimate Recount of the Game

Today we have Super Bowl XXV, which was held on January 27, 1991, at Tampa Stadium, the Big Sombrero, between the first-time AFC champion Buffalo Bills and the second-time NFC champion New York Giants. If you’re looking for the full story of this 1990 season, pick up my Nifty Nineties book and you’ll learn more than you … Read more

The Greatest Thanksgiving Game In Pro Football History (1974 Cowboys vs. Redskins)

There have been some really great pro football Thanksgiving Day games throughout the course of pro football history during the 1970s. This episode of Pro Football in the 1970s will revisit one of those great Turkey Day contests for football historians and just your casual fans alike. It is usually referred to as the greatest … Read more

Bears vs. Cardinals: NFL’s Oldest Rivalry

It began over 100 years ago. An intense rivalry between two NFL teams like no other. Gunshots, riots, broken noses, stolen players, verbal sparring, and lost championships.  They would argue over ineligible players, the height of the grass on a field, suspected spies watching their practices, and even the quality of post-game meals hosted by … Read more

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