Epic Seasons: The 1976 Washington Redskins

Ask any pro football historian what George Allen’s greatest coaching year was, and he or she will undoubtedly say 1972 when his Washington Redskins won their first NFC Championship and a trip to Super Bowl VII. But I’m going to disagree with that opinion. I’m going to say that 1976 was Allen’s greatest coaching season. … Read more

Early NFL Players Tackle Off-Season Jobs

Before the television era of professional football, which certainly changed the financial outlook of the National Football League, most players still needed to work at some other profession, often both during and after the football season. In 1941, the Chicago Tribune reported that “Twenty-seven percent of the young men under contract to teams in the National Football … Read more

Darryl Dawkins: Dr. Dunkenstein, Double D, Sir Slam, and Chocolate Thunder All Rolled Into One

Darryl Dawkins was one of the most outrageous characters in NBA history. He was also known as Dr. Dunkenstein, Double D, or Sir Slam. But his most famous nickname was actually given to him by Stevie Wonder, and that nickname is Chocolate Thunder. I would argue that Dawkin’s cultural impact was greater than his basketball … Read more

Super Bowl XVI (49ers vs. Bengals): An Ultimate Recount of the Game

Today we have Super Bowl XVI, which was held on January 24, 1982, in the Pontiac Silverdome, home of the Detroit Lions. The game was between two first-time Super Bowl teams: the AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals and the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers. If you’re looking for the full story of this 1981 season, pick … Read more