Gridiron America- The USFL Project

In the annals of professional football, aside from the American Football League, only one other league has truly challenged the dominance of the NFL, and that was the United States Football League of the 1980s. Unlike other spring leagues, all of which are small potatoes comparatively, the USFL forever changed how we look at professional football and how we not only watch the game, but also view upstart leagues. Unlike the XFL, which is small bug on the windshield of the NFL’s largess, the USFL crashed into it and cracked the shield in many places as numerous high-profile players and draft choices decided to play in the spring. As a result, NFL salaries rose as players quickly had leverage, which many used to their advantage. Numerous NFL/CFL hall of famers and players began their careers in the USFL, such as Steve Young, Jim Kelley and Doug Flutie, and it is for them and the countless others who played in the league that The USFL Project was created.

In this episode, Greg speaks with Kyle Smith, the Executive Director of The USFL Project, which is a long-term project documenting and preserving the history and story of the fabled United States Football League, so as to leave a foundation of knowledge for future generations. They talk about not just about the history of the league, but also many of the key personalities aside from the former president, who were instrumental in the founding, success, and ultimate demise of the league. An award-winning journalist, Kyle has spent many years in the entertainment industry as well as being both a host and guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts. In recent years, his attention has been focused on The USFL Project with him and his team growing the group to over 4,000 members of Facebook. The USFL Project can also be found on Twitter.

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