History of the Blue and Gold, With Roy Rosmos

Scott and Greg are back in their 55 yard line cheap seats this month talking all things blue and gold with Winnipeg Blue Bomber historian Roy Rosmus (“@heartobluegold” on Twitter), author of five books that span from the team’s inception to their 2019 Grey Cup championship- “The Beginning- Through the Golden Years,” “Dieter Brock Through the Championship Years,” “The Jonas Era,” “Quiet Hero: The Ken Ploen Story,” and the upcoming “Good Years, Lean Years, The Cup Returns”. 

2 thoughts on “History of the Blue and Gold, With Roy Rosmos”

  1. Good afternoon Mr Rosmos.

    I am writing a book on the history of the Riley family of Winnipeg. I am working on the chapter about Culver Riley. Would you be able to spare a bit of time to talk to me about him and his time with the Blue Bombers?
    Paul Kirby


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