The Gridiron Cup, a Cold War What If?

One of the most popular genres of science fiction literature is that of alternate history, and in sports one of the most common questions asked among fans of all sports is, “what if?” For instance, what if Bo Jackson did not get hurt in that playoff game against the Bengals? What if Bartman had not interfered with that foul ball in Wrigley Field during the NLCS in 2003? What if Babe Ruth played his entire career in Boston? What if Muhammad Ali had lost or quit in his first fight against Sonny Liston? What if the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants had never moved to the West Coast? What if Vince Lombardi had become head coach of his hometown Giants instead of heading to Green Bay? What if Browns had not moved to Baltimore and displaced the CFL’s Stallions? How would sports history, and our perception of it, be different today? The questions are of course endless…

In his book, “Gridiron Cup, 1982,” Keegan Dresow asks two important questions… What if Bert Bell had been successful in getting war torn Europe to embrace the spectacle of gridiron football? And, what if Joseph Stalin had decided the Soviet Union would learn the sport and use it to wage a proxy war against the west on the gridiron. For fans of the TV show, “For All Mankind,” in which the question of what if the Soviets had landed on the moon first is explored, readers will not be disappointed.  “Gridiron Cup, 1982,” is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.  His book imagines a world where it is gridiron football and not soccer football that is the most dominate team sport on the planet, and expertly weaves facts with fiction to present a look at a sports world that gridiron football fans can only dream about.

Keegan Dresow previously served as the head coach of the Avedøre Monarchs, in Denmark, and is the author of “Offensive Football Systems,” which is also available on Amazon.  Presently, Keegan, a 2010 graduate from the UC Davis School of Law, is an attorney and is also a 2006 graduate of Pomona College, where he played four years of gridiron football for the Sagehens. His website is

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