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From the 55 Yardline is part of the Sports History Network – The Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear.


In this episode, Greg. Dave, and Fran sit down and go around the world to talk about the latest sports news that has gone under the radar screens with hockey, women and men’s soccer, rugby, Canadian football and more as reported at Afterward, Greg sits down with Zach Keilman of Pro Football Newsroom and the UFL Podcast, to talk about the upcoming year in spring professional football, both outdoor with the UFL and indoor with the relaunched Arena Football League. Zach and Greg also reminisce about how they came to launch the Gridiron Japan podcast.


From the 55 Yardline is anchored by former rugby player and sports executive David Cieslinski, who resides near the Canadian border, and retired naval intelligence and information warfare officer Greg St. James, who resides in Japan (he is also the co-host of the Gridiron Japan podcast). Both are avid armchair sports historians and sports simulation enthusiasts, who, despite the vastness of geography, have found a way to leverage technology to help keep the games they love truly alive, both on the screen and on the internet airwaves.

In addition to Dave and Greg, From the 55 Yardline also features veteran journalist and contributor Fran Stuchbury, of, where he writes extensively on the happenings in minor league sports.

The show was previously co-hosted by retired sports journalist Scott Adamson, whose continued writings. sports coverage and articles can be found at

David, Greg, and Fran can be contacted directly via the podcast’s Twitter account at

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