Three Unique Chicago Bears: John “Bull” Doehring, Lloyd “Shorty” Burdick, and George Trafton

a trio of players from the Chicago Bears that you may have never heard about. After all, they played nearly a century ago and except for one, never received much public–or lasting-acclaim. Throughout the years, the National Football League has seen its share of rogues, complainers, whiners, and personality problems among its players…but we’ll just … Read more

Super Bowl XII (Broncos vs. Cowboys): An Ultimate Recount of the Game

Today we have Super Bowl XII, which was held on January 15, 1978, in the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana between the first-time AFC champion Denver Broncos and the four-time NFC champion Dallas Cowboys. As always, we have a pop quiz, and then homework at the end of the episode. The pop quiz question for … Read more

Ollie Matson: The Hall of Famer Traded For 9 NFL Players

There have been very few Olympic medalists that are also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In fact, we can think of only two: Jim Thorpe and Ollie Matson. Thorpe grabbed the gold medal in both the decathlon and the pentathlon in 1912 at the Stockholm games, while Matson won both a silver and … Read more

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