NFLPA Now and Into the Future – Focusing on Player Safety

This episode we fire up the DeLorean to finish the 4-part series on the history of the NFLPA.  The first episode covered Bill Radovich and the beginning of the NFLPA from the era of the 40s and 50s.  Part 2 covered John Mackey vs. NFL and the NFLPA through the 60s and 70s.  Last week we focused on the scab season and the NFLPA through the 80s.  Now we get to the 90s and beyond.  The NFL Free Agency as we know it today was brought forth in 1993, so this episode focuses primarily on the vision of the NFLPA regarding the health of players and their families.  So, strap on your seat belt, and let’s get ready to take this baby up to 88mph.
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