Peter Bonert Shares Stories of the Link Between Germany and the NFL

In this episode, Peter Bonert rides shotgun in the DeLorean to take us back through the history of the NFL to share stories about the link between Germany and the NFL. We get into:

  • How Peter became interested in the NFL as a resident of Germany
  • Why he chose the Cleveland Browns as his team of choice
  • His experience going to the 2013 NFL Draft
  • Meeting Roger Goodell (and what he would ask him if he could go back and freeze that moment)
  • Stories of the historical link between Germany and the NFL, such as….
  • The Nesser Brothers, Sacksteder/Mahert, Piro, Strautner/Aschenbrenner, von Schamann, Vollmer and more
  • His upcoming article in the Coffin Corner
  • and much more…

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About Peter Bonert

Peter was born in Germany next to the Luxembourg-French-German border in Trier (the oldest city in Germany).  He is a professional corporate lawyer and started to become interested in U.S. sports in the mid-90s via his older brother (by 5 years). 

Peter gravitated towards American Football and the NFL as his favorite sport/league, with the Cleveland Browns being his team of choice.  He grasped onto them during the time of the “Cleveland Browns Re-birth” at the turn of the century.

Peter Bonert holding Columbus Panhandles and Old Leather books for local German newspaper
Photo Credit: Trierischer Volksfreund article

In 2013, Peter attended the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.  While there, he met Roger Goodell and was able to have a short conversation (below).  The highlight for Peter in this draft was German Björn Werner being drafted in the 1st round.

Peter’s interest in the history of the NFL grew when he learned the 1st German-born player in the NFL was born 5 miles from his current hometown (part of the famous Nesser Brothers).  Peter has been a member of the PFRA since 2021.  Keep a lookout, as you will see an article from Peter in the Coffin Corner in the near future.

Peter Bonerts ever-growing NFL history library
Photo Credit: Peter Bonert
Peter Bonert with Roger Goodell at 2013 NFL Draft
Photo Credit: Peter Bonert

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