Sports History On This Day: March 29

March 29, 1989 – It was a historic moment in sports when the first athletes from the Soviet Union were allowed to play professionally for North American sports franchises. A 25-year-old Soviet skater named Sergei Pryakhin who played for the 1986 Soviet National team was allowed to sign with the NHL’s Calgary Flames. Standing 6′ – 3″ tall and weighing in at 210 pounds he was the prototypical size the League teams looked for to play as a winger.

Pryakhin was not the first Russian-born player to skate in the NHL. That distinction belongs to David Shriner who was born in Saratov, in a province of the Russian Empire in 1911. Although his family emigrated from the Russian Empire when he was still a baby, he had the honor of becoming the first “Russian” in the NHL just before World War II started.

The early 1990s saw a bunch of former Soviet Union players come to play in the NHL and Eastern Block players still star alongside men from all over the world in a truly international game of professional NHL hockey. For more on great players in the game of hockey check our Warren Rogan’s SHN program of Sports Forgotten Heroes.

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photo of Russian Silver medal for hockey with players in background
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