The Football History Dude

The Football History Dude is a show dedicated to teaching NFL fans about the rich history of the game we all know and love.  I’m your host, Arnie Chapman, and I’m just a regular dude that loves football and is a nerd when it comes to learning about history.  I created this show to share the gridiron knowledge nuggets I gain from researching various topics about the history of the National Football League.  Each episode I welcome you to climb aboard my DeLorean to travel back in time to explore the yesteryear of the gridiron, and yes, that’s a reference to the Back to the Future movies

Share Your Favorite Football Moment

I’m bringing back a segment I had on the podcast way back when I started the show in 2018.  It’s a segment called “My Football Moment” where I ask you to record your favorite football moment of all time and get it to me, so I can play it on the show.  Now that I ask “the DeLorean” question to every guest, I’m adding that in.  So, answer one of the 2 questions below (or both of them) and submit your recording either by e-mail or you can use the Speakpipe feature below (note – there’s a 90 second limit for the Speakpipe option)

Question #1 – What is your favorite football moment of all time?  Re-live the moment on the show.

Question #2 – If you could take my DeLorean back to any point in NFL history, where would you go, what would you do, and maybe even who would you talk to?

E-mail your recording to [email protected]

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