I’ve been fortunate to be featured on other shows throughout my time as The Football History Dude.  It’s been an honor for hosts to take time out of their day to work with me, and I want to send a big ole’ THANK YOU to all of them here.  Below is a list of “where I’ve taken my DeLorean.”  I encourage you to check them out and look into each show beyond the episode I was featured on.

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The Hero Show - Podcast (12/5/19)

This was the first time being interviewed for me.  The premise behind The Hero Show is to uncover the superhero powers of everyday people for guests to learn from their ups and downs.  I felt honored to be brought on a show with the word hero in it, because I wouldn’t use that as an adjective when describing myself.  No matter, you’ll learn a little about my story with the host, Richard Matthews.

History's What If - Podcast (9/2/19)

I met the one of the hosts, Doctor Phillip Reese, at Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando Florida in a burger bar.  We started sharing our podcasts with each other, and I couldn’t help but agree to be on his show.  The episode covers a “WHAT IF” scenario if the AFL actually won the war back in the 60s. 

Purdue Global Radio

If you’re interested in listening to the radio, you can catch the show on Purdue Global Radio on Sundays from 11:30 am – 12:00pm EST and 8:30pm – 9:00pm EST.  I’m part of the Purdue Global alumni, and if you’re interested in attending an online college, I would recommend it.