The Football Odyssey

Welcome everyone, to The Football Odyssey. This is your host, Aron Harris. This is a podcast made to commemorate the people and events in American Football’s journey from a third rate college pick up game to America’s national pastime. Given the vast history of the sport, there is plenty of material to discuss.

One episode may be a feature story about the NFL‘s boardroom battles of the 1960s, and the next may be a Football Film review. You’ll also hear interviews with players, coaches, authors, filmmakers, executives, and even the passionate fan with a story to tell. Some episodes go deep into the past, while others are memories still fresh in our heads.

Whatever they may be, they are all stories about football’s constant and evolving impact on American culture, because in football, history is always in the making. Thanks for taking the time to join me on The Football Odyssey.

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