Duke Slater – Pro Football Hall of Fame Centennial Class Member (2020)

When you first heard about the Pro Football Hall of Fame Centennial Class, did you know the name, Duke Slater?  If you did not, you were not alone.  He is a long-forgotten name in the annals of football glory.  Many referred to him as one of the greatest football players of all time, or the … Read more

Moving the NFL Hash Marks

In 1972, the NFL’s competition committee and the league owners and the television networks all agreed that the game needed more scoring, and more excitement.  Their remedy was to move the hash marks on the field closer to the middle of the field.  Their hope that by doing this, pro quarterbacks across the league would … Read more

1944 Card-Pitts: The Worst NFL Team Ever?

There have been many poor-performing teams in NFL history.  But the near-impossible question to ask is what is the worst NFL team ever?  Some may look to the 2008 Detroit Lions as a prime example of the worst team in NFL history. This is an obvious comparison because the team was the first to go … Read more