Gene Cronin | Detroit Lions 1957 Championship Team

 Gene Cronin was a member of the Detroit Lions 1957 Championship team.  He was mostly a pass rush specialist, chasing down some of the greats of the era.  Mr. Cronin stops by on this episode to share some insights into what football was like in the late 50s and early 60s. He was also drafted … Read more

NFL on Thanksgiving Day – A Brief History

Thanksgiving and Football.  That just sounds right, right?  There has been a long history of the game being played on Turkey Day, and it goes back even further than the NFL.  However, nowadays we all think about the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, and what teams are they going to play? This week’s episode of … Read more

Earl (Dutch) Clark – The Detroit Lions’ First Gridiron Great

Dutch was possibly the best player of his generation.  Defenses feared him, and as the team moved from Portsmouth to Detroit, Dutch Clark become the first Lion’s Gridiron Great.  He was also part of the inaugural Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 1963. You can learn more about the 1963 Class and more gridiron … Read more