What Would Be Like To Be An NFL Fan in the United Kingdom?

If you live in the United Kingdom, football means something entirely different than it does to someone living in the United States.  You must emphasize the word “American” in American football when you are discussing the gridiron.  You may be ridiculed for being a fan of the inferior sport to the “most beautiful game.”  So … Read more

Do You Know Your Cleveland Browns History?

If you are like me (a fan of football), you are aware of the good and the bad of the NFL. You have probably watched many hours of football follies, outtakes, and the like. You have also watched many hours of great catches, great drives, and memorable moments. That’s what football fans do- we watch … Read more

What Was The Best Game In Football Video Game History?

The first video game ever was created by physicist, William Higinbotham, called Tennis For Two in 1958.  This game was played on an osciloscope and it somewhat resembled what we all relate to as one of the original “sports” video games out there, Pong. The evolution of video games has transformed tremendously over the years, … Read more

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