Jim McMahon – 1985 Chicago Bears Quarterback

Jim Mcmahon was the 1985 Chicago Bears quarterback, leading them to victory in Super Bowl XX.  This team is considered one of the greatest teams in NFL history, and with the “Punky QB” at the helm, it seemed destined to take down the crown for one of the most storied teams in the league.  Jim … Read more

Invincible Vince Papale

Facebook Twitter Episode Summary Vince Papale is a name many have heard of, even though he never played college football, nor did he get drafted to the NFL.  The reason we all know the name is that his story is an incredible journey of a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan given the opportunity to try out … Read more

Dick Vermeil Interview

Facebook Twitter Coach Dick Vermeil is one of the most recognizable figures in NFL history. He was successful at every level of coaching in his career with a different approach to leadership then many of his counterparts. Coach won the Rose Bowl with UCLA, then took the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl (lost,) and … Read more

Matthew Algeo Interview – Last Team Standing – STEAGLES (Part 2)

Matthew Algeo Interview – Part 2 This episode we fire up the DeLorean and head back to December 26, 1943, and we are at Wrigley Field to watch the 1943 NFL Championship game between the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears.  We learned a little about this game back in the episode about Bronko Nagurski.  … Read more