Hello Old Sports

Each week on “Hello, Old Sports” Andrew and Dan Neumann examine a different sports history topic—baseball, basketball, football, hockey, boxing, and anything else that comes to mind. We’ll travel back to 1920 to relive the founding of the Negro Leagues and Babe Ruth’s first season with the New York Yankees.

Or to 1967 to relive the closing drive of the “Ice Bowl” between the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe even all the way back to 1884 and the first “World Series” between the Providence Grays of the National League and the New York Metropolitans of the American Association.


On this podcast, we’ll revisit some of the great debates in the history of sports. Brady or Manning? Russell or Wilt? Marciano or Ali? Should the Yankees have fired Casey Stengel after the 1960 World Series? Why did the Thunder trade James Harden in 2011 and break up a team that had just played in the NBA Finals? Were the Dodgers justified in leaving Brooklyn?

These questions matter to us. And if they matter to you, you’ll love “Hello, Old Sports” on the Sports History Network.

We also hope we can educate our listeners on some of the players, teams, and moments that aren’t as well known to the average sports fan. Do you know who Tony Lazzeri is? Or Vern Mikkelsen? Or Emlen Tunnell? Each of these men is Hall of Famer in his respective sport and was considered a superstar during his career, but their names (and many others) have faded with time.

You may not know who they are, but if you want to know, give a listen to “Hello, Old Sports” on the Sports History Network. And if you do know, you’ll probably find a lot to like on our new podcast.

Hosts of the Show

Dan Neumann host of Hello Old Sports
Dan Neumann
Andrew Neumann host of Hello Old Sports podcast
Andrew Neumann

Andrew and Dan were born and raised in New York, and are die-hard Yankees, Knicks, and Giants fans. Our passion for these teams and their histories will be apparent to anybody that listens to the show, but no matter where you’re from or which teams you love, you’ll find plenty to love about our show as we discuss the history of sports from throughout the country.

We’ve also spent time living in Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington D.C., and can attest firsthand to the passion of those cities for their teams. The other thing that we both love: a good list. Several episodes of “Hello, Old Sports” will be devoted to our lists and rankings of various players, teams, and games from sports history.

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