Historically Speaking Sports

“Where we celebrate the history of sports, one week at a time.”

Over the course of 365 days a year, something in the world of sports always makes us stop and take notice. This new member of the Sports History Network highlights the accomplishments, memories, and anniversaries of some of the greatest moments in sports history and delves into some of the hidden stories behind them.

Hosted by former sportswriter and broadcaster Dana Auguster, this weekly podcast describes these sports moments like no other. Each week the show will be your tour guide as we stroll down sports memory lane, reliving the moments that make sports a vital element of being an American. Also, the show uncovers other moments and facts that few sports fans know about.


The show is divided into three different segments.

The first is the “Main Event” where one event is highlighted. A historical event that is celebrating an anniversary is a current event that mirrors another from sports’ historical past.

The second segment is the “Weekly Top 5”. Five events that took place during that week in history that deserves to be highlighted and discussed.

The third and final segment is simply “shoutouts”. Moments, birthdays, and other sports oddities that happened that week that deserves to be recognized.

If you wish to send a comment or check out the shows Twitter page, go to @HistoricallySp2 or email the show at [email protected]

So, join this weekly podcast that is part of the Sports History Network called Historically Speaking Sports Podcast. The podcast where we celebrate sports history one week at a time.

Host of the Show - Dana Auguster

Growing up in south Louisiana, my interest in sports has been a major part of my life since an early age. If I think about it long enough, if there was anything I enjoyed more than playing sports was talking about it.

Dana Auguster, host of Historically Speaking Sports podcast

I attended Southern University and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1998 and began a career as a Sportswriter and radio broadcaster.
I began as a part-time writer for my hometown publication they became a full-time staff writer at the Daily Review Newspaper in Morgan City Louisiana. From there I joined the staff at a weekly publication called the Tri-Parish times.

On the radio side I began at a small A.M. in Baton Rouge the worked as a broadcaster for KBZE radio in Morgan City working as a broadcaster of high school football and basketball games.

Moved out of south Louisiana in 2011 to Atlanta to go into business with family but my interest in sports never left me and I am looking to expressing my love of sports and sports history to all fans both young and old.

Heading into this NFL season, a number of so-called football experts were predicting that the once lowly Detroit Lions were poised to be a legitimate power in the NFC. After all, they had been “Rebuilding since 1957” as so the slogan goes. But this year feels different for Lions’ fans in and around Motown. In...
Every NFL team from time to time has to deal with the starting quarterback going down to injury or the coach is faced with replacing the high-priced starting quarterback with the most popular player in town — the Back-up. In this episode we will highlight some of the most famous quarterbacks to come off the...
On this edition of the podcast, host Dana Auguster will announce his picks on who will represent the AFC and the NFC in this years Super Bowl in Las Vegas on February. Also in the program he will go team-by-team, disclosing thier record and a quick synopsis of thier upcoming season. Later in the podcast,...
Ladies and Gentlemen! Football is back! Heading into this college football season, most of the talk was the slow demise of the Pac-12 conference which had been around since 1915 as the Pacific Coast Conference. In this episide, podcast host Dana Auguster talks about the history of the Pac-12 conference and its member schools and...
The city of Oakland California has a special and unique place in sports history. The town that is in the shadow of the more popular and affluent San Francisco actually has more in common with blue collar, gritty cities of the east such as Cleveland, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. In this edition of the Historically Speaking...
After a long and grueling NBA postseason, the two teams that remain standing are the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. The Nuggets, a hold over from the old American Basketball Association, are in the NBA Finals for the very first time. Meanwhile the Miami Heat are looking for their third NBA Championship in franchise...
This week marks the 50th anniversary of Secretariat winning the Kentucky Derby. In this episode of Historically Speaking Sports’ Dana Auguster talks with author Curtis Stock and his new book “The Turcottes: The Remarkable Story of a Horse Racing Dynasty”. The book tells the story of the five Turcotte Brothers from New Brunswick Canada and...
For many NBA fans, the Hawks have always been in Atlanta. However for a dwindling number of NBA fans, they could remember a time that the Hawks were located in St. Louis. Not only the Hawks were the hardcourt pride of the “Gateway City” , but led by the likes of Bob Pettit and Lenny...
There was a lot more to the 1982 World Series than fans know. Not only was it between the St. Louis Cardinals of the National League and the Milwaukee Brewers then of the American League, it was the personification of the two cities and its strangle hold on the beer market. In the early 1980s...
In this episode of the Historically Speaking Sports Podcast Dana Auguster talks about the this year’s final four in Houston. Some consider this National Semifinal to be unprecedented, yet we have seen this before. Connecticut, San Diego State, Miami and Florida Atlantic will battle in NRG Stadium for the right to be called National Champion...

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