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“Where we celebrate the history of sports, one week at a time.”

Over the course of 365 days a year, something in the world of sports always makes us stop and take notice. This new member of the Sports History Network highlights the accomplishments, memories, and anniversaries of some of the greatest moments in sports history and delves into some of the hidden stories behind them.

Hosted by former sportswriter and broadcaster Dana Auguster, this weekly podcast describes these sports moments like no other. Each week the show will be your tour guide as we stroll down sports memory lane, reliving the moments that make sports a vital element of being an American. Also, the show uncovers other moments and facts that few sports fans know about.


The show is divided into three different segments.

The first is the “Main Event” where one event is highlighted. A historical event that is celebrating an anniversary is a current event that mirrors another from sports’ historical past.

The second segment is the “Weekly Top 5”. Five events that took place during that week in history that deserves to be highlighted and discussed.

The third and final segment is simply “shoutouts”. Moments, birthdays, and other sports oddities that happened that week that deserves to be recognized.

If you wish to send a comment or check out the shows Twitter page, go to @HistoricallySp2 or email the show at [email protected]

So, join this weekly podcast that is part of the Sports History Network called Historically Speaking Sports Podcast. The podcast where we celebrate sports history one week at a time.

Host of the Show - Dana Auguster

Growing up in south Louisiana, my interest in sports has been a major part of my life since an early age. If I think about it long enough, if there was anything I enjoyed more than playing sports was talking about it.

Dana Auguster, host of Historically Speaking Sports podcast

I attended Southern University and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1998 and began a career as a Sportswriter and radio broadcaster.
I began as a part-time writer for my hometown publication they became a full-time staff writer at the Daily Review Newspaper in Morgan City Louisiana. From there I joined the staff at a weekly publication called the Tri-Parish times.

On the radio side I began at a small A.M. in Baton Rouge the worked as a broadcaster for KBZE radio in Morgan City working as a broadcaster of high school football and basketball games.

Moved out of south Louisiana in 2011 to Atlanta to go into business with family but my interest in sports never left me and I am looking to expressing my love of sports and sports history to all fans both young and old.

The NFL Postseason is here, more specifically the NFL wild card round of the playoffs. Host Dana Auguster will take a historical snapshot of the teams that are beginning their quest to hoist the Super Bowl Trophy this year in Glendale Arizona. Later in the show, we will send a shout out to San Diego...
Happy New Year sports fans. Whenever we close the book on one year and move on to the next one, it is always a time to reflect on the past. In this episode of the Historically Speaking Sports Podcast, I will do just that. When I was nine years old I became captivated with college...
There are certain instances in sports where the current political climate becomes the forefront of the event. Such an occurrence took place in January of 1965 when African American all -stars from the American Football League was subject to discrimination and mistreatment in the days leading up to the league’s all-star game in New Orleans....
The year was 1970 and the NFL/AFL became finalized and a reality as the league ballooned to 26 teams divided into two conferences with three divisions. It was the most competitive season up to that point and one of the most memorable ever. It saw the beginning of Monday Night Football and the incredible performances...
After a long regular season and a grueling postseason, the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies are the last two teams remaining to claim a World Championship. This episode host Dana Auguster talks with podcast host Chad Cain of One Man With a Mic podcast to highlight the histories of the Astros and Phillies and...
Its October again and that means postseason baseball his upon us. On this episode of Historically Speaking Sports host Dana Auguster breaks down the Major League Baseball playoff field from a historical perspective. Later in the show we take a trip back to the very first American and National League Championship series back in 1969...
On this episode of the Historically Speaking Sports Podcast, Host Dana Auguster sits down with Marty’s Illegal Stick: A Hockey History Podcast host Scott Kinville as we discuss the long and illustrious career of Gordie Howe and his career with the WHA’s Houston Aeros where he won two league titles with his sons Marty and...
Football is back! In this episode of this podcast, host Dana Auguster sits down with his sports brothers from different mothers Mark Boutte and Charles Combs as they discuss their favorite teams, favorite memories and favorite players in both college and pro football. Later in the show, Dana Auguster will give his official prediction for...
On this weeks edition of the Historically Speaking Sports Podcast host Dana Auguster sits down with author and chairperson of the South Florida chapter of the Society of American Baseball Research Sam Zygner. He has written a number of books that covers the history of the Miami Marlins Minor League baseball team that played in...
In August of 1920, the Cleveland Indians and the New York Yankees were in the final stretch of the regular season with both teams eying the American League Pennant. In a late afternoon game at the Polo Grounds in New York, Ray Chapman of the Indians and the Carl Mays of the Yankees would be...

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