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The podcast is a single hosted biography-style show that is informative utilizing historical context. it is the re-telling of an athlete’s life story through newspaper clippings and youtube videos. the host adds their own opinion on the athlete’s performance based on stats found online at profootballreference.com it is not connected to the NFL in any way. The podcast is strictly written and produced by a guy who loves history and football.

Host - Ross Blilie

The host of the Pigskin Tales podcast is Ross Blilie ( pronounced BLY-LEE). He lives in Grand Forks, ND with his wife and dog. He started podcasting in March of 2018 as a suggestion from his older brother to continue with his love of being on the radio Ross has worked in several radio stations as an announcer in both Fargo, ND and Grand Forks, ND. Ross’s radio career started in 2004 as an intern for Y-94 in Fargo, ND. Eventually he made his way to Grand Forks in 2011. He has college degrees from MSUM in Moorhead, MN and Mayville State University in Mayville, ND.

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This is the last part in a series of stories on the NFL legend Red Grange. He was a modest player whose speed and agility combined with size and strength, made him the first player to play football professionally for a large sum of money. His contract with the Chicago Bears was for 3 years...
Red Grange and the Chicago Bears embarked on a 9 game barnstorming tour from Florida to California and Washington state. The Bears won 8 of their 9 games and dominated every single one. Ernie Nevers made his NFL debut in Jacksonville but lost 19-6.
Red Grange is a college football star. his long runs and multiple touchdowns leave the crowd in awe as he runs. In this episode. hear how CC Pyle, Red Grange, and George Halas sign a contract paying Red up to $100,000.  Red also begins to play for the Bears in November 1925.
Red Grange was one of the most popular figures in college football between 1923 and 1925. He became the first football player in NCAA history to sign a deal to play football professionally with the fabled Chicago Bears. This episode focuses on the handshake deal that took place between Red and CC or known to...
In this modern age of professional sports, the national football league is by far the most popular sport in America. Why? Because some games can be dramatic; some games can be a blowout; a fan will never really know how the game will go until they actually watch it. Podcasts are by far the most...
Red Grange became the most popular college football star in America in the early 1920’s. by the time he was a senior at the University of Illinois, he attracted a local business man named CC Pyle . This part of the story focuses on who CC was and how he got involved with Red Grange.
This is a continuation of the Red Grange story. He helped legitimize the NFL in the early 1920’s. This part focuses on his performance during the rival game against the Michigan Wolverines.
Yesterday’s Sports is part of the Sports History Network – The Headquarters For Sports Yesteryear. EPISODE SUMMARY This is the first episode in a new series about the NFL star who legitimized the league in 1925. He was a consensus All-American at the University of Illinois for 3 seasons before abruptly signing with the Chicago Bears....
This is the final installment of the amazing and interesting life of Ernie “Big Dog” Nevers. This part focuses on his life after professional football. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ross-a-blilie/support
This is the 3rd part of the Big Dog’s story. It focuses on his life after he retired from football. He became a coach at both the collegiate level and professional levels. he also enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.  — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast....

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