SHN Showcase

The Sports History Network Showcase podcast is exactly as advertised: A weekly show dedicated to spotlighting one of the hosts/producers creating great podcasts for SHN. Take a deep-dive with the host(s) of your current SHN favorite or discover a new interesting podcast that’s just as devoted to sports history as are we all.

Os Davis hosts the weekly Showcase, discussing with SHN podcasters their fandom, their interest in history, producing a podcast and current happenings in the wide world of sports. Os has also been known to elicit a prediction or two as well – and make many poor ones himself. 

The SHN Showcase: Get to know the Sports History Network team one week at a time…

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SHN Showcase Host - Os Davis

Os is now in his ninth year of sports & entertainment podcasting. He has (co-)hosted/(co-)produced podcasts on international and NBA basketball, CFL and NFL football; now calling Sports History Network his homefield, Os produces the sports-generalist Truly The GOATs podcast in addition to the Showcase.

But this isn’t relevant on the SHN Showcase – This podcast is all about the guest…see them all below.

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