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Why do we love sports? Who was the first ‘GOAT’? What on Earth is Korfball? Sports history is my passion, and this podcast is a way of sharing that with you, the listener. Interviews, discussions, lectures, any medium to share information and knowledge that we will uncover, together, through What Was The Score?: The Sports History Podcast.

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Host - Jamie Furness

My name is Jamie Furness. I am a history student; basketball player and coach; and the host of What Was The Score?. Sport has been an integral part of my life and family, with relatives that have represented England in their respective sports, and myself playing for as long as I can remember.

Jamie Furness from What Was The Score? podcast

History has been a passion of mine since I was a child due to the way the craft can engage the mind to perpetually ask the question of ‘why?’. Therefore, putting the two together only made sense in my mind, and here we are.

I am a supporter of West Ham United, the Indiana Pacers, the London Lions and Anglia Ruskin University (who you see me representing). Additionally, I am an avid fan of golf and cricket – but I’ll watch anything you’ll put in front of me! 

I am currently studying for a BA (Hons.) in history at Anglia Ruskin, and in September I shall be starting an MA in sports history and culture at De Montfort in Leicester. I aim to go on to complete my PhD and become a seminal historian for British basketball – here’s to hoping!

I first started to gain popularity on TikTok after posting a video which sparked an explosion in British basketball content – Problems UK Ballers Face Part 1. This has brought me opportunities with the British Basketball League, various podcasts and ultimately has led to this. I do hope you enjoy it, and thank you for joining me.

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