Edward “Butch” O’Hare: Capone, Cardinals, and a Chicago Legacy

This is one of those stories that you certainly can not make up: happiness, pride, tragedy, heroes, and gangsters all wrapped up in one unbelievable, but true story! On this episode of “When Football Was Football” we’ll dip into our WWII files to share the remarkable exploits of a Medal of Honor winner, whose father … Read more

Willis Brennan: The Chicago Cardinal Who Helped Solve One of America’s Most Notorious Crimes!

On November 6, 1927, a few thousand of his closest friends gathered to honor Chicago Cardinals’ lineman Willis Brennan. But Willis Brennan was much more than a football player. In fact, if you consider some of the landmark events of Chicago in the 1920s, chances are Willis Brennan was there…such as the birth of the … Read more

1899: The Cardinals’ First Season

Before player drafts, salary caps, and heck, even before the National Football League, we had the Cardinals! On this episode of “When Football Was Football,” we’ll chronicle the very first season of the NFL’s oldest team—the Arizona Cardinals. Along the way, we’ll discover some surprising facts about the early activities of the club. Back in … Read more

Madison Street Agreement (Between Chicago Bears and Cardinals)

No one knew it existed. But suddenly, there it was: a dusty, withered document, that brought a quick end to a daring rivalry, disrupted an NFL team’s plans for an economic revival, and may have even saved the NFL. That was then, but six decades later, no one knows where this incredibly valuable manuscript is … Read more