Fastest Man in Baseball History – Was a Pro Football Player!

Baseball is a timeless game. We love it because the basic rules have changed little over the years and we can easily compare basic statistics for different players over the decades, such as batting average, earned run average, homers, and runs batted in. If we removed the outfield fences, the game itself could stretch endlessly … Read more

New York Mets: World Series Appearances

It goes without saying that the New York Mets have not had anywhere near the success achieved by their cross-town rival, the New York Yankees. Since their first year in the league (1962), the Mets have had only 26 winning seasons and 33 losing seasons. And they’ve reached the post-season in only nine of their … Read more

New York Yankee History: A Brief Overview

Anyone who has followed MLB baseball knows the NY Yankees have a rich tradition of winning. From 1926–1964, the Yankees didn’t have a losing season. That’s 39 straight years! During those 39 years, the Yankees won the American League pennant 26 times and won the World Series 19 times. Only hockey’s Montreal Canadians have come … Read more

The Bronx Zoo and the 1978 New York Yankees

In 1978, Yankees’ fans were still basking in the glow of the 1977 World Series victory–the team’s first since 1962. Fifteen years is a long wait for Yankees’ fans, who are spoiled by many past championships. Well, the drought was finally over, and the Yankees were back on top … where they belonged. With things … Read more