The Very First NFL Wildcard Playoff Weekend

On December 24, 1978, the extension of the NFL’s very first 16-game regular season and two more playoff teams resulted in the league’s very first Wildcard Playoff Weekend. Two more teams would increase the total number of teams per conference to make the playoffs to five each. You would have your three division winners in … Read more

Turnovers and Titles (1973 NFC Championship Game)

 In 1973, the Minnesota Vikings advanced to the NFC Championship Game, where they played the Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium. In big games, regardless of the era, the winning team usually does not make as many mistakes as their opponent. But what happens when they make a bunch of mistakes, and still manage to win. … Read more

The Incredible Winning Season of the 1970 Cincinnati Bengals

 The Cincinnati Bengals were only playing pro football for two years by the time that the 1970 season began. As a new team, the Bengals were led by an old head coach…Paul Brown. Brown founded the Bengals in 1968, as he was given a chance to resurrect his career as the new merger led to … Read more