Where It All Started: The Brickyard

In this inaugural episode of “Tim Coffeen Talks Indy Car and Racing History,” Tim dips into his phenomenal knowledge of racing history to uncover the very beginnings of the Indy 500, along with sharing his own experiences from the greatest spectacle in auto racing.


Cars With Riding Mechanics!

The Indianapolis 500 looked much different back then with most race cars including a driver and a riding mechanic with no seat belts required! And where did the term “The Brickyard” originate?

Tim tells us that after some disastrous results during very early races at the Speedway (built-in 1909), the owners arranged for the track to be “paved” with 3.2 million bricks, hence the word “Brickyard.”

Daylight Racing Required

The memories and stories from Tim Coffeen are never-ending, from sharing the escapades of a driver who drove two different cars during the very first race in 1911, to why the 500-mile distance was determined (there were no floodlights!), and how the Indy 500 developed the rolling start for the competing race cars.

The Starting Grid

The starting grid for the first episode of “Tim Coffeen Talks Indy Car and Racing History,” is ready for your review as follows: 

  • When did the Indy 500 start?
  • Where does the name “brickyard” come from?
  • Way back when, why did mechanics also sit in the car with the drivers?
  • What were some of the key influences that changed the 500 in terms of speed?
  • Are there drivers from the past that you greatly admire?
  • What is your greatest memory from the Indy 500 either before, during, or after your own career?
  • Is it the team or the driver that has the biggest impact on a team’s Indy success?
  • What is the biggest fear of a crew during a race?
  • What is the future of the Indianapolis 500?

Thank you for listening to this first episode of “Tim Coffeen Talks Indy Car and Racing History.” Please join us for the next program when Tim will take us behind the scenes, and into the pits, on race day at the Indianapolis 500, right here on the Sports History Network!


About Tim Coffeen

Tim Coffeen, host of “Tim Coffeen Talks Indy car and Racing History,” will share stories and memories from his long career with top Indy car teams.  As a winner of seven championship rings, Tim not only understands the history of open-wheel racing, he has lived it!

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