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Chris Landry has spent a lifetime in football, serving as a scout, coach, and administrator and both the college and NFL levels.  He now owns a business revolving around football serving both fans of the game and teams at the college and professoinal ranks. is geared towards fans of the game and Landry Football Operations is a Coaching and Scouting Consulting Business for both NFL and College Programs.  He stops by for a 3-part interview to share how scouts really work in the NFL, including so much more.You can find Chris on Twitter or Facebook – both are LandryFootballCheck out Chris Landry’s dedicated page with all his content here.Listen in to hear about Chris Landry’s career in football, and strap on your seat belt because we’re about to get this baby up to 88MPH.

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Chris Landry is the owner of Landry Football, a multi-facing company all revolving around football.  He’s a former scout, coach, and administrator at the college and professional level.  Chris worked at LSU during his NCAA days, and then he was hired by the great Bill Belichick in 1992 with the Cleveland Browns to make his jump to the NFL.  His biggest splash in the NFL was with the Houston Oilers / Tenessee Titans, serving as the Coordinator of their scouting department.  In the middle of it all, Chris served as the Coordinator of the NFL’s Scouting Combine in 1993. 
 Now Chris owns and Landry Football Operations, serving both the regular fan and College/NFL teams.  You can listen to his podcasts and catch him on the radio, but if you are looking to further enhance your football acumen, then I suggest you consider joining Landry Football to get insider information.   You can also find Chris on social media at his Twitter or Facebook page. 

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Chris Landry – My Perspective

I first found Chris Landry awhile back when I first started the podcast.  He has a podcast of his own and I was looking for someone to be a guest on my show that would make sense for the theme.  My problem was I felt the imposter syndrome, and even though he was willing to come on the show more than a year ago, I basically let it go.  Now after having him on the show, I’m kicking myself even more, because this interview was straight legit.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

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