The Making of Women’s American Football: Breaking Barriers On and Off the Field

This week Russ Crawford, Professor of History at Ohio Northern University, rides shotgun in the DeLorean with me to go back in time and share some stories from his latest book ~ Women’s American Football: Breaking Barriers On and Off the Gridiron. We talk about only some of the great stories, so you should pick … Read more

The Quarterback Project: Do You Agree With Michael Mertes and His Top QB’s?

This week I spoke with Michael Mertes about a project he started to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season, called “The Quarterback Project.” He started the project to find a way to determine who the greatest quarterbacks were of all time in the NFL. To do this, Michael created a formula to assign a score.   This … Read more

Spies on the Sidelines: How Much of an Impact Does Spying Have in the NFL?

While the phrase “three-letter agency” is a euphemism for American spook organizations such as the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and the NSA (National Security Agency), the NFL is a three-letter agency in its own right. Behind the game-day action of the NFL is a world much like the cloak-and-dagger realm of American intelligence agencies. The … Read more