“Just Win Baby” – A Discussion Of the Outlaw Oakland Raiders

The era of the Outlaw Oakland Raiders history is legendary.  This team seemed like they had no rules.  Well, there was one rule – “Just Win Baby!”  Then again, part of this era was remembered for John Madden’s 3 rules ~ “Be on time, pay attention, and play like hell when I tell you to.”  … Read more

Marshall Goldberg: From the Dream Backfield to First Defensive Specialist

Cardinals’ legend Marshall Goldberg was in the news recently when newly acquired defensive standout J.J. Watt asked to wear #99 for the Cardinals this season. The only problem was that this esteemed jersey number has been “retired” by the team since before the 1951 season in honor of Mr. Goldberg’s playing career. Watt has since … Read more

Amos Alonzo Stagg: College Football’s Man In Motion

Amos Alonzo Stagg: College Football’s Man in Motion is Jennifer Taylor Hall’s first book. Jennifer lives in northwest Arkansas where she writes and teaches English. Jennifer’s larger-than-life Uncle George fueled her passion for college football when he introduced her to the game he played at Ole Miss in the 1960s. Long after his own children … Read more