Interview with Steve Wright: NFL Veteran, Entrepreneur, and Survivor Contestant

I recently had the opportunity to interview Steve Wright, who played in the NFL for eleven seasons. Steve began his career in 1981 as a free agent with the Dallas Cowboys.

After playing two seasons with Dallas as a backup offensive lineman and special team’s player, he was traded to the Baltimore Colts, where he became a starter at guard and offensive tackle.

Steve Wright of the Los Angeles Raiders
Photo Courtesy Steve Wright, on the sidelines at a Los Angeles Raiders game.

Steve spent the 1985 season in the USFL with the Oakland Invaders. After the league folded in 1986, Steve joined the LA Raiders, playing primarily as a backup tackle from 1987–1989.

He impressed the coaches in the games he started and was named the starting right tackle in 1990 and 1991. A bad shoulder injury in 1992 limited his playing time, and he retired at the end of the season.

Steve Wright of the Los Angeles Raiders blocking
Photo courtesy Steve Wright of him blocking for the Los Angeles Raiders

Not one to feel sorry for himself, Steve remained active as an entrepreneur with his company, Cloudburst. He also competed on the TV show Survivor for 31 long days and lost 33 pounds in the process.

Steve has written a book titled Aggressively Human, in which he shares stories of his days on the football field and his life off the field.

Steve Wright - Aggresively Human book cover
Photo courtesy Steve Wright of a Facebook post for Steve's book, Aggressively Human.

Steve holds nothing back in his book as he talks about what it was like to play with legendary players like Howie Long and Randy White and to compete against Lawrence Taylor and Reggie White.

Steve also shares what it was like to be involved in Tony Dorsett’s record-breaking 99-yard run and witness the famous “Hail Mary Pass” at Metropolitan Stadium in the 1975 playoffs.

If you love football and are passionate about life, get your copy of Aggressively Human now. (Amazon affiliate link).

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