What Is The USFL Project Trying To Accomplish?

The USFL was a wildly popular league for many football fans during the mid-1980s.  Like many pro football leagues before and after the USFL, the league ultimately did not have enough staying power.  Most casual fans of football that have heard of the USFL like to place all of the blame on the former owner of the New Jersey Generals, Donald Trump.

I had no clue if this was the case, or not, but it’s the common answer I’ve heard before.  In fairness, I did not know much at all about the history of the USFL, nor did I realize how many big name players played in the league.  This is one of the reasons I brought the Executive Director of the USFL Project (Kyle Smith) on the show. 

We discuss his fandom for the USFL, a little history about the league, and we also discuss the mission of the USFL Project.

Below you will find the interview, a brief overview of the mission of the USFL Project, a short bio of Kyle Smith (with photos), and I even included some YouTube videos of the championship games.  I hope you enjoy.

The USFL Project

The USFL Project is a long-term project that is documenting and preserving the history and story of the United States Football League, leaving a foundation of knowledge for future generations.
Building on our current collection and expertise, our team is organizing, documenting and preserving as much information about the United States Football League as possible.
We are THE online source for USFL related information, USFL History, USFL Records, and USFL Research.
Sharing the USFL. Sharing History.
You can follow the USFL Project on Facebook or Twitter:
Facebook – USFL Project
Twitter – @theusflproject

Kyle Smith - Executive Director of The USFL Project

Kyle Smith is the Executive Director of The USFL Project – a long-term project that documents and preserves the history and story of the United States Football League, leaving a foundation of knowledge for future generations.

An award-winning journalist, Smith has also spent 15 years in the entertainment industry as well as being both a host and guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts. In recent years, his attention has been focused on The USFL Project with him and his team growing the group to over 4,000 members.

He is a father of one daughter and has two rescue dogs, MacGregor and Bandit (named after the Tampa Bay Bandits and their owner, Burt Reynolds). Fun fact: He owns 22 different USFL jerseys from 503 Sports and has seen over 2,500 concerts in his life.

Kyle Smith with John Corker
Me & "The Sack Man" John Corker (Michigan Panthers & Memphis Showboats DE) Photo Courtesy: Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith of the USFL project with Jeff Gossett and Dee Thomas
A few years back, I had the opportunity to talk football with USFL punter for the Chicago Blitz and Portland Breakers Jeff Gossett and Montreal Machine defensive back Dee Thomas. (Photo Courtesy: Kyle Smith)
Kyle Smith of the USFL project with Derek Holloway Sr.
Me & Derek Holloway Sr (Michigan Panthers & Oakland Invaders WR) (Photo Courtesy: Kyle Smith)

USFL Championship Games

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