The Ultimate Recount of Super Bowl VI (Cowboys vs. Dolphins)

Today we have Super Bowl VI, between the NFC champion Dallas Cowboys and the AFC champion Miami Dolphins. It was held on January 16, 1972, at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, the second Super Bowl of the past three to be held at that site. As always, we have a pop quiz, and then homework … Read more

The Ultimate Recount of Super Bowl IV

Today we have Super Bowl IV, the fourth and final AFL-NFL World Championship Game, between the AFL champion Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL champion Minnesota Vikings. This game was held on January 11, 1970, at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans. It was the final game before the AFL-NFL merger that came with the 1970 … Read more

The Ultimate Recount of Super Bowl 1

We begin with Super Bowl I, or more correctly, the First AFL-NFL World Championship Game. That’s what its official name was. The logo for Super Bowl I you see in various places which says “First World Championship Game AFL vs. NFL” – that’s an anachronism. The only logo used in the actual Super Bowl was … Read more

Learn From a 47 Year Veteran NFL Sports Writer

Ever dream of “working in football” or living football as your life?  This is something Rick Gosselin did for almost 5 decades.  He stops by to share his 47 years of “NFL coverage” experience in this week’s episode of The Football History Dude Podcast.  In this episode we cover some of these topics: Rick’s origin … Read more

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