1974 Miami Dolphins: Chasing Super Bowl Greatness

After appearing in three straight Super Bowls and winning two, the 1974 Miami Dolphins were determined to become the first team to win three Vince Lombardi trophies. They had the talent and drive to do it, but something disrupted their focus during the off-season. Two All-Pro players, fullback Larry Csonka and receiver Paul Warfield, along … Read more

Two Safeties From The Miami Dolphins “No Name Defense”

During the first half of the 1970s, the Miami Dolphins had a couple of starting safeties who brought their own distinctive talents to the team’s defense. That unit was called the “No-Name Defense,” and appropriately so. If you asked anyone today “…who were the starting safeties in Miami during their championship years of the early … Read more

The Incredible Rookie Class of the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers

This episode of Pro Football in the 1970s is dedicated to the late Frank Reading, who sadly passed away just before Super Bowl LVI. May he rest in God’s eternal peace. To say that the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers had a quality offseason is an extreme understatement. Well, their front office management and coaching staff certainly … Read more