1948 NFL vs College All-Star Game

It’s summertime and like most years, we look forward to the opening of training camps and the excitement of what the new football season will bring! But for many years, the advent of summer indicated that preparations were beginning for the annual NFL College All-Star football game in Chicago. This extravaganza, held each August in … Read more

1944 Card-Pitts: The Worst NFL Team Ever?

There have been many poor-performing teams in NFL history.  But the near-impossible question to ask is what is the worst NFL team ever?  Some may look to the 2008 Detroit Lions as a prime example of the worst team in NFL history. This is an obvious comparison because the team was the first to go … Read more

Mario “Motts” Tonelli

THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY OF MOTTS TONELLI Perhaps you have never heard of a football hero named Motts Tonelli.  While he played only one full season for the Chicago Cardinals in 1940, we still consider him the “Greatest Cardinal of All.” He wasn’t the most famous football player, or the most recognized, but he was certainly … Read more