Boxing Throughout the Years: Fights that Left a Mark in the World

Boxing has been providing fantastic entertainment for fans throughout the years. Sometimes, a bout becomes a total slugfest where pure will and toughness determine a winner. Other bouts showcase the technical strategy that’s possible in this sweet science. Any selective list of fights is going to be subject to debate. What this list of fights attempts … Read more

5 Boxers With An Undefeated Record

In this segment ladies and gentlemen, I am going to discuss “The Undefeated” throughout Boxing History. These boxers never LOST a fight. We use the definition of undefeated as never defeated or having lost an athletic contest. Now, the record on the surface can be somewhat deceiving. The competition, the era, and when you faced … Read more

My 5 Biggest Upsets In Boxing History

In this segment Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to discuss upsets throughout Boxing History, ending the episode with perhaps the greatest upset of all time. I define an upset as an unlikely ending to a contest that one would think was a sure thing but had an unexpected winner for a long shot victor … Read more