Red Grange Puts the NFL on the Map

In 1925, College football still reigned supreme. The NFL was desperately yearning for something to come along to put it on the map. Two men had the answer. George Halas and Dutch Sternaman would turn to a ghost to shock the nation into believing in the NFL as a legitimate venue. In this episode, I’m … Read more

Joe Carr (Columbus Panhandles) – The Father of Professional Football

This episode we fire up the DeLorean and head back to explore the life and career of Joe Carr, the Father of Professional Football.  He was the NFL President from 1921 – 1939 and was considered one of the most influential people in bringing legitimacy to the league.  Due to his contributions to the league, … Read more

Why is Ralph Hay Considered the Founder of the NFL?

Ralph Hay Introduction Ralph Hay was an owner of an auto dealership and the Canton Bulldogs, a professional football team.  At the time, professional football in the Ohio region was at the brink of extinction, so Mr. Hay gathered together representatives from 11 different teams on September 17, 1920, to discuss the formation of a … Read more

Pudge Heffelfinger (Yale) – The First Professional Football Player

Early NFL historians believed a 16-year old quarterback named John Brollier, from Indiana College in Pennsylvania was the first professional football player because he accepted $10 and some expenses to play a football game on September 3, 1895. They were wrong, and this travesty wasn’t discovered until about 80 years later the true first professional … Read more