Animals playing football: Gus, Bonzo Goes to College, Air Bud 2

Gods help us: In this episode, Game Film focuses on the incredible Hollywood sub-genre of movies about animals playing football – professional, college and high school (we think). Hosts Os Davis and Aron Harris take a look at:

• Gus (1976) – NFL laughingstocks the California Atoms employ the services of a Yugoslavian mule on the field, not to mention a murderer’s row of 1970s TV sitcom dads;

• Bonzo Goes to College (1952) – the second in the mighty Bonzo movie franchise has the genius chimpanzee first whiffing on an easy question about Joe DiMaggio’s batting average and ultimately quarterbacking the college’s loser team to victory; and

• Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver (1998) – in which a dog retires from basketball to take up basketball and hang out with a tween, his widowed mother and a serial killer-looking new BF.

See you at the veterinarian – i mean, in the film room…

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