Billiards movies: the Hustler, the Color of Money, the Baron & the Kid

This episode, the sport of choice on Game Film is billiards. Hosts Aron Harris and Os Davis take a look at:

• The Hustler (1961) – This noir pool hall Academy Awards-dominating film features an all-star cast including Paul Newman, George C. Scott, Piper Laurie and Jackie Gleason – also gritty locations, taut dialogue and some serious character drama;

• The Color of Money (1986) – Director Martin Scorsese’s love letter to The Hustler has Newman’s “Fast Eddie” Felsen coaching up flaky pool wunderkind Vincent (Tom Cruise) and his would-be hustler girlfriend Carmen (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantoni); and

• The Baron and the Kid (1984) – Former professional pool player “The Baron” (Johnny Cash) comes out of retirement to work the angles alongside his estranged son, a like-skilled savant going by the tag of “The Cajun Kid.”

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