Auto racing movies: Le Mans, Ford vs Ferrari, Rush

In this episode, Game Film reviews three films based in the fastest-moving sports of them all, namely auto racing. Hosts Aron Harris and Os Davis take a look at three good ones:

• Le Mans (1971) – Steve McQueen stars in this high-action, low-dialogue vehicle (so to speak) centered on the events during one run of the world’s most famous endurance race;

• Ford vs Ferrari (2019) – the Oscar-nominated telling of the Ford Motor Company’s rise in competitive distance motor racing in the mid-60s which features engaging, tour de force performances from Matt “Bourne” Damon and Christian “Batman” Bale; and

• Rush (2013) – director Ron Howard’s surprisingly intense look at one of Formula 1’s great rivalries, that of Nikki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and James Hunt (Chris “Thor” Hemsworth).

See you at the racetrack and/or the film room…

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