On Wrestling with Heels

The SHN Showcase is part of the Sports History Network – The Headquarters For Sports’ Yesteryear…

Caution: 80s flashbacks may be induced by this week’s episode of the SHN Showcase – at least for professional wrestling fans. Host Os Davis (of Truly The GOATs and Game Film) talks with Ariel Gonzalez, producer and host of the Sports History Network podcast Wrestling With Heels On.

Before it’s over, these two namedrop Bob Backlund, Hulk Hogan, the Magnificent Muraco and even a few non-alliterative grapplers. They also discuss Ariel’s introduction into podcasting, the nature of the wrestling heel, his impetus for doing the show and, invariably, what makes this spectacle so awesome.


Wrestling with Heels On is a trip down villainy lane, Ariel Gonzalez’s reminiscence about some old favorite wrestling weirdoes and ne’er do wells, the no-goodniks of a no-longer time. On this podcast, the bad guy is the good guy and the results are always fun.

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