Mike Wright Interview (Fantasy Footballers podcast)

Mike Wright, current reigning “Player’s Choice Fantasy Analyst of the Year” of The Fantasy Footballers podcast stops by to share the origin story of their award-winning show.  It’s not easy just rolling with a podcast as a main source of income, but Mike and his co-hosts were able to find the secret sauce to make it all work.  Learn about this story, whether Mike would rather tackle Beast Mode in his prime or try to run through Ray Lewis in his prime, and so much more about Mike “The Hitman” Wright in this episode of The Football History Dude podcast.  You can find Mike on Twitter or Instagram  – both are FFHITMANCheck out Mike Wright’s dedicated page with all his content here.Listen in to hear about Mike Wright’s podcasting journey, and strap on your seat belt because we’re about to get this baby up to 88MPH.

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Mike “The Hitman” Wright is the reigning – 2019 “Players Choice Fantasy Analyst of the Year” and co-host/founder of the award-winning Fantasy Footballers podcast.  His show mashes accurate fantasy football analysis with dad humor and buffoonery to create one of the best fantasy football podcasts on the planet.  Mike and his co-hosts also have an award-winning comedy podcast called The Spitballers

He hopped in my DeLorean with me to go back in time and share the struggles of starting their show.  Sometimes it’s fate.  Sometimes it’s hard work.  This time, it was perhaps both.  Listen in to the episode below to learn about the origin story, a couple “would you rather” situations, and Mike’s greatest last minute fantasy victory.

To contact Mike and follow him through social media, the best way would be Twitter and Instagram.  Both are at FFHITMAN.

Mike Wright – My Perspective

I first learned of Mike Wright as many fantasy football enthusiasts do, during the training camp prep to dominate my draft.  I’m one of those dudes looking for content pretty early in the season.  That’s why The Fantasy Footballers stuck out to me.  I realized real quick they were serious (although you wouldn’t think it listening to them for any random 5 minute period of time) about getting the best information possible to the fans.  They had episodes from way back after the Super Bowl?  And they go year-round?  What’s this heavenly bliss I fell into, I thought.  So then I started listening to the show and fell in love with the style Mike and his 2 co-hosts were spitting into my earholes.  I’ve been a major fan ever since, and I highly recommend you give it a go, too.  They have a draft kit, membership site, DFS site, and so much more to give you what you need to be successful.  However, the best thing is listening to them have a good time on the show. 

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