Carlisle Indian School Football

Carlisle Indian School Football The Carlisle Indian Industrial School football team was an underdog story fit for the movies.  Beginning in 1879, Native American children were taken from their homes and sent halfway across the country to attend this “off-reservation boarding school” in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  Athletics was an escape for many of the children, including … Read more

Chicago Tigers | An Original NFL Team

The Chicago Tigers were an original NFL team, but they shared the Windy City with the Cardinals.  Then a “supposed” game occurred between the Cardinals and the Tigers where the loser would pack their bags and go home.  Was this truth, or was it just an urban legend?  We bring back Joe Ziemba, our resident … Read more

Cleveland Tigers | An Original NFL Team

The Cleveland Tigers were an original NFL team when the league formed on September 17, 1920, in Ralph Hay’s Hupmobile auto showroom.  There was a man involved with the beginning of this team and before in professional football by the name of George “Peggy” Parratt, the first to throw a legal forward pass in a … Read more

Canton Bulldogs | A Jack Cusack Original

Canton Bulldogs| A Jack Cusack Original The Canton Bulldogs were the team to beat in the early 20th century. Much of the professional football world revolved around this powerhouse team, and Ralph Hay (the owner) is remembered for gathering other franchise owners in his Hupmobile Auto Showroom to build something that would turn into the … Read more