The “Fight of the Century” (Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali)

I’ll never forget the night of March 8, 1971. It was one of the most publicized and talked about sporting events of all time. Boxing heavyweight champion, “Smokin” Joe Frazier, was defending his title against former champion, Muhammad Ali.  This would be the first time, but not the last that these two boxing legends would … Read more

The First NFL Grudge Match: Decatur Staleys vs. Rock Island Independents

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a grudge match as “a contest or fight between players, teams, etc…..who dislike each other.”  There have been many grudge matches over the course of the league’s 100+ year history, but what about the first one?  For the answer, we get to go all the way back to the first season … Read more

A Complete History of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship

Join us this week on Hello Old Sports for the first of a two-part episode series about the history of the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship. In this episode, we talk about the “Golden Age” of the heavyweight title, a time which lasted for most of the 20th Century. We talk about men like Jack Johnson, … Read more