Joe Zagorski Interview



Joe Zagorski stops by the show to share with us why he believes the 1970s were the NFL’s most important decade.  He’s even written 3 books so far on the topic.  Throughout his days, Joe spent some time as a sportswriter and has been a member of the Pro Football Researchers Association since the mid-1980s.  You can find his work in the monthly publications, called The Coffin Corner, which you can get sent to you when you sign up on the site to become a member.  It’s a very reasonable price for the amount of information you can get from the PFRA.  Also, if you’re interested in picking one of Joe’s books up, all three are listed below.

This week’s favorite football moment comes from Zach Brader.  You can follow him on Twitter @phils429.  Would you like to share your favorite football moment of all-time to be played on the show?  Check it out here.

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