The Quarterback Project: Do You Agree With Michael Mertes and His Top QB’s?

This week I spoke with Michael Mertes about a project he started to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season, called “The Quarterback Project.” He started the project to find a way to determine who the greatest quarterbacks were of all time in the NFL. To do this, Michael created a formula to assign a score.  

This score helped him rank the quarterbacks, something he’s releasing on his site, with the top quarterback being released on the opening night of the 2022 season. We get into many topics during the interview, including:

  • The origin story of The Quarterback Project
  • How he calculated the index score for all of the quarterbacks
  • How the score accounts for quarterbacks in different eras
  • Some quarterbacks ranked higher on the list than he expected
  • Some quarterbacks he thought for sure would have been on the list, but the score didn’t dictate it
  • We take the DeLorean back to some great QB duels in history
  • His plans for the future
  • Much more….

Visit The Quarterback Project, and let the debates begin.

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