The Worst Season in Cardinals’ History (Chicago not Arizona)

When an NFL team endures a six-week lapse in its schedule, it’s probably a sign that things might not be going well. In this week’s episode, we’ll tackle the very odd 1928 campaign of the Chicago Cardinals. In fact, we consider this season as the very worst in the 120-year history of the franchise. It … Read more

1940 NFL Championship (Greatest Victory In Sports History?)

The average combined score of an NFL game a quarter through the 2020 season is 51.3 points.  This is up roughly 16 percent from last year and 20 percent since 2000, according to the New York Times.  The 1940 NFL Championship had 73 points scored, in what could be considered the greatest victory in the … Read more

Hail to the Redskins, Super Bowl Monday, and Best of Rivals (With Adam Lazarus)

If you have the chance to talk to some NFL legends such as Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Joe Gibbs, and so many more, what would you ask them?  Better yet, wouldn’t it be cool to write a book about the stories you learned from the interviews to share with the masses?  That’s precisely … Read more

Leroy Collins – An NFL Miracle

Leroy Collins is the author of The Running Back: True Story From the Wheelchair to the NFL.  His incredible story is something you only see in the movies.  Oh wait, we find out in the interview that it was in the works before COVID-19 hit us.  He believes once the movie can get back on … Read more

Highest Scoring Game in NFL History

What are the highest-scoring NFL games of-all time? NFL fans love seeing points on the scoreboard. Nowadays, part of this has to do with fantasy football. However, fantasy football was barely a toddler when the highest-scoring NFL game in history occurred.   This game was on November 27, 1966, between the Washington Redskins and the New … Read more