The Ultimate Recount of Super Bowl X (Cowboys vs. Steelers)

Super Bowl 10 was held on January 18, 1976, at the Orange Bowl in Miami between the back-to-back AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the three-time NFC Champion Dallas Cowboys.  Some refer to this as the greatest Super Bowl ever played.  The Steelers were defending Art Rooney’s first Lombardi Trophy in this game (see the article … Read more

Broadway Joe’s Lasting Impact on the NFL

Today we’re going to discuss the career of Joe Namath and why some people believe he was overrated? My take is that many criticisms of Namath are unwarranted. Below are just a few of the criticisms against Namath I’ve heard many times before. Namath had 173 career touchdowns compared to 220 career interceptions. He only … Read more

The Bronx Zoo and the 1978 New York Yankees

In 1978, Yankees’ fans were still basking in the glow of the 1977 World Series victory–the team’s first since 1962. Fifteen years is a long wait for Yankees’ fans, who are spoiled by many past championships. Well, the drought was finally over, and the Yankees were back on top … where they belonged. With things … Read more