Sports History On This Day: April 7

April 7, 1946 – In the first Masters Tournament played in over 4 years, American Herman Keiser wins his only major title. The tournament annually held at the Augusta National Golf Club had been postponed while World War II raged.

Keiser won as he held a 1 stroke ahead of tour money-leader and golfing legend Ben Hogan. 

Herman did win other tournaments in the PGA outside of the Majors though such as the 1942 Miami Biltmore International 4-ball with partner Chandler Harper, and the Esmeralda Open in 1947.

He is also credited with winning a couple of Ohio Opens (1949 and 1951) and the 1939 Iowa Open.

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aerial shot of the Augusta National Golf Club from 1933
The photo is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and is titled The 1933 Original Caption: Augusta, GA – “The Perfect Course” which has only 22 traps, known as the Augusta National Golf Club, laid out by Robert Tyre Jones Jr., retired amateur and Open Champion and Dr. Alister Mackenzie, as it appears from the air. January 10, 1933, taken by an unknown. Special thanks to the resources of and for the information obtained.

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