Sports History On This Day: April 9

April 9, 1912 – The legendary Fenway Park has what many consider the first somewhat competitive baseball game ever played in it. The Red Sox played the team from Harvard University in an exhibition game as only part of the grandstands were open to the public.

The Big Green Monster, the left-field wall in its original version was built at this time to keep prying eyes of non-paying spectators from outside the stadium to get a free glimpse of the game from the rooftops across the street of Landsdowne Street. The remedy was to build a 25-foot solid wall to break up the line of sight. Buy a ticket to watch the game son! A Home Run must clear 315 feet to get over this monster.

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a photo the day fenway park grandstand opened in 1912
The photo is from the Boston Globe on April 9, 1912, via

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