Sports History On This Day: May 13

May 13, 1905 – World heavyweight boxing champion James J. Jeffries retired undefeated after 7 title defenses. The Pugilistic Champion would return to the ring some five years later in 1910 only to be defeated by Jack Johnson.

Jeffries was a champ beloved by the crowds. He was big and powerful, and this physical specimen appears to fans that he could never be knocked off by opponents. He also used a unique technique of fighting. The style, taught to him by his trainer, former Welterweight and Middleweight Champion Tommy Ryan, had Jeffries fight out of a crouched position with his left arm extended forward.

With this, he was able to absorb tremendous punishment while wearing his opponents down to the point of exhaustion, and then go on the offensive. It was said by many fighting experts at the time that he would be the king of the ring in any era because he was just that talented at boxing.

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drawing of James J. Jeffries
The photo is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons of James J. Jeffries, Champion of the World in 1902 drawn by an unknown artist. Special thanks to the resources of and for the information obtained.

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