The 1970s Rivalry Between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders

Today we’re going to discuss the 1970s rivalry between the Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Raiders joined the American Football League in 1960 and sputtered. The team notched only three winning seasons in its first seven years. That direction changed in 1967 when the Raiders went 14–1 before losing to the Packers in … Read more

Super Bowl V: A Goal-Line Stand Lost In Time

Most pro football historians who study the past Super Bowls will tell you that the greatest goal-line stand in Super Bowl history came in the third quarter of Super Bowl XVI. That goal-line stand by the San Francisco 49ers did detrimental harm to the chances of the Cincinnati Bengals to score what would have been … Read more

1973 NFL Playoffs – A Year of Redemption for 3 Teams

Seemingly every year in pro football, or at least every few years, a couple of teams that meet each other in the regular season, will then go on to meet each other again in the playoffs. In 1973, that occurrence happened three times in the NFL postseason. This first of three segments to this story … Read more

The Ultimate Recount of Super Bowl XI (Raiders vs. Vikings)

Today we have Super Bowl XI, which was held on January 9, 1977, at the Rose Bowl in beautiful Pasadena, California, between the two-time AFC champion Oakland Raiders and the four-time NFC champion Minnesota Vikings. As always, we have a pop quiz, and then homework at the end of the episode. The pop quiz question … Read more