Tom Matte’s Wristband

Tom Matte was a very good and a very athletic running back in the 1960s and the early 1970s for the Baltimore Colts.  In 1965, head coach Don Shula was saddled with some problems in his lineup, as both of his quarterbacks, Johnny Unitas and Gary Cuozzo, were sidelined with untimely injuries.  Shula asked Matte, who had been a quarterback in college at Ohio State University, to play quarterback for his Colts.  Find out how far Tom Matte could take Baltimore in the next edition of The Pigskin Past with Joe Zagorski.

Joe Zagorski is the host of this show, and he is an author of 3 books revolving around the NFL in the 1970s.  Here, you can learn more about Joe and Pigskin Past.

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